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Okay, okay. I had to post this because I got a HUGE tip on this word AND its origin. Let me start at the beginning, so this story makes better sense.

I was watching the video today of the rapper who I first heard say yo mothas a guntha. At the beginning, she says this:

Nems murder-fest, fuck ya life president.

Needless to say, for the longest time I was thinking, “What in the world is he trying to say?” because I kept assuming he was referring to the President (Bush). But it didn’t make sense. Recently, I noticed the shirt he was wearing, it said Fuck Your Life. Ah, wait, this is a group that he’s in!

So, naturally, I Googled it and a short time later (somehow) I landed in Myspace again! Oh, this gets better. It wasn’t just anyone, I got as close to asking Nems as possible: I got to ask someone in the Fuck Ya Life group what it meant. The guy was extremely nice about the whole thing and gave me a superb definition and a little background on the word and Nems. Here is what he wrote to me:

A guntha is a whore, a slut muffin, a bitch, a scuz bucket, a tramp…..anything negative u can think of about a female all rolled in one word.

Wow. I finally got an answer from someone in contact with the guy who made the word up! Yeah, that’s right. This same informant told me that Nems is actually the creator of the word, and now, of course, Fuck Ya Life uses it in their rap. Here’s a little background: Nems is from Brooklyn and this informant is from NJ. Aha! They are an East Coast group from the Jersey area…..meaning what? That the people in NJ on Myspace using it are using it because of Fuck Ya Life.

This answers every question I had. It didn’t really “originate” anywhere. I guess wherever Nems was when he first said that word can be the place of origin, or maybe Brooklyn can claim it since he’s from Brooklyn. But it now makes sense why Myspace people from NJ say it. It is also no wonder why it’s not yet on Urbandictionary (it’s still far too new). But I suppose the above definition would suffice for an entry.

I’m terribly excited I finally got to the bottom of this.


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  1. santos says:

    i no who the informant was it was datin lol

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