life 101

I found the following in an insert in the new yorker back in 2004, I believe. I can’t find that insert, but I had written all of these down. I know the insert must be in a box since there’s no way I’d throw it away, even on accident!

anyway, check ’em out. not too shabby.

1. Be common in nothing.
2. Make people depend on you.
3. Cultivate relationships with those who can teach you.
4. Post yourself in the center of things.
5. Knowledge has a purpose.
6. Know how to take a hint.
7. Be a person of integrity.
8. Have a reputation for being gracious.
9. Know how to withdraw.
10. Know your strongest quality.
11. Think things over, especially those that are most important.
12. Gain people’s goodwill.
13. Never exaggerate.
14. Use, but do not abuse, cunning.
15. Never lose your self-respect.
16. Never be upset.
17. Look into the interior of things.
18. See to it that things end well.
19. Know how to say “no”.
20. Do not vacillate.
21. Do not be unapproachable.
22. Do not always be joking.
23. Drain nothing to the dregs, either good nor bad.
24. Keep expectation alive.
25. Obtain and preserve a reputation.
26. Do not parade your position.
27. Show no self-satisfaction.
28. The shortest path to greatness is along with others.
29. Have the art of conversation.
30. Live practically.
31. Avoid affectation.
32. Get used to the failings of those around you.
33. Have friends.
34. Think beforehand.
35. Do and be seen doing.
36. Do not take payment in politeness.
37. Find the good in a thing at once.
38. Do not be a bore.
39. Be able to stomach big slices of luck.
40. Be a person without illusions.
41. Do not wait till you are a setting sun.
42. Make yourself sought after.
43. Do not hold your views too firmly.
44. Do not be the slave of first impressions.
45. Always act as if others are watching.
46. Know how to get your price for things.
47. Do not believe, or like, lightly.
48. Select your friends.
49. Do not make mistakes about character.
50. Be careful in speaking.
51. Know your pet faults.
52. Distinguish people of words from people of deeds.
53. Know how to rely on yourself.
54. Act sometimes on second though, sometimes on first impulse.
55. In all things keep something in reserve.
56. Never contend with someone who has nothing to lose.
57. Do not live in a hurry.
58. Have knowledge, or know those who do.
59. Trust your heart.
60. Reticence is the seal of capacity.
61. A grain of boldness in everything.
62. Do not carry fools on your back.
63. Recognize faults, however highly placed.
64. Be the bearer of praise.
65. Find consolation in all things.
66. Adapt yourself to those around you.
67. A peaceful life is a long life.
68. Watch out for people who begin with another’s concern to end with their own.
69. Have reasonable views of yourself.
70. Know how to appreciate.
71. Do not waste influence.
72. Know how to transplant yourself.
73. Find your proper place by merit, not by presumption.
74. Leave something to wish for.
75. Words and deeds make the perfect person.
76. Know the great people of your age.
77. Attempt easy tasks as if they were difficult and difficult as if they were easy.
78. Do not turn one blunder into two.
79. Be expressive.
80. Never act from obstinacy but from knowledge.
81. Do not seize occasions to embarrass yourself or others.
82. Reserve is proof of prudence.
83. Do not be inaccessible.
84. Plan out your life wisely.
85. Open your eyes early.
86. Never let things be seen half-finished.
87. Know how to ask.
88. Have original and out-of-the-way views.
89. Know a little more, live a little less.
90. Do not explain too much.
91. Do good a little at a time, but often.
92. Go prepared.
93. Never let matters come to a breaking point.
94. Be able to forget.
95. Have no careless days.
96. Set difficult tasks for those under you.
97. Know how to renew your character, both with nature and with art.
98. Find favor with people of good sense.
99. Have the gift of discovery.
100. Know how to test people.
101. In times of prosperity prepare for adversity.


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