i still love this one…thanks, language log

this post is exclusively for semanticists. if you are not a semanticist, do not try to solve the problem below. do not even read it.

consider the following sentence:

All someone needs to do now is snap a few pictures.

using a suitable logical language with a suitable signature (say which one you are assuming), provide a full semantic representation for the sentence, taking care to get the truth conditions right, and in particular, making sure you assign the correct scopes to (i) the universal quantifier “all”, (ii) the existential quantifier “some(one)”, (iii) the necessitative modal operator “needs”, and (iv) the paucal quantifier “a few”.

by the way, there is nothing special about the sort of phrase involved here, and certainly nothing deviant about it. you are not being asked to comment on any error or strangeness. this is straightforward english.

i’m still working on it…..not sure what the outcome will be or if there will even be one.


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