Air Kisses..

OED: Air Kiss: A gesture (usually of greeting or farewell) consisting of a kissing motion or sound made without the lips touching the recipient, but freq. while touching cheeks.

I hate air kisses. They just don’t make sense to me. I’ve hated them since I was a young kid. It made people seem false to me. At family get-togethers people would air kiss all the damn time. I guess I’ve always thought that if you don’t want to kiss he person, don’t even bother pretending. Right? In such situations, I would normally place my cheek in a position where the other person was forced to kiss mine and I theirs. Because I would extend the courtesy of which I just mentioned (if you don’t want to kiss, don’t bother pretending), and I know that the person has a record of air kissing, so I force the situation. Or, if I’m not successful in having them actually kiss my cheek, I always make sure that I at least kiss theirs. Sometimes people are shocked…..well, not shocked, per se, but startled that it wasn’t the “norm” of what they’re used to.

Anyway, I saw the word on the front page of the OED, so I thought I’d comment on it.

People need to stop being so damn ridiculous with their affections.


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